5 tricks to improve your aim in Apex Legends

With 27 weapons to choose from in Apex Legends, players have a plethora of ways to combat their opponents. One of the most crucial components of the game in battle royale is aiming. 

However, throughout time, gunfights and marksmanship have significantly improved. Also, the apex hacks which can help you in playing the game have been upgraded. If you\’re new to Apex Legends or have played it for a few hundred hours, this guide will help you improve your skills.

Using these tips can help you improve your Apex Legends skills

Placement of the crosshairs

In Apex Legends, crosshair positioning is one of the most critical aiming tips. When playing first-person shooters, it\’s common for newcomers to make the mistake of setting their crosshairs on the ground. Changing your aim to take on the opponent directly in front is a lengthy process when using this bad behavior.

Pay attention to the position of the dummy\’s head on the shooting range. Move around the dummy while keeping your crosshair resting on an imaginary line parallel to the dummy\’s head. The location of your crosshairs will vary automatically in response to your opponent\’s movement. Corner peeking and holding angles need this method.

Changing the display

Apex Legends\’ gunfights may be won with or without perfect Crosshair placement, but it\’s hard to deny the importance of tracking. It is necessary to comprehend screen shifting to master tracks. When pursuing an opponent, focus on the enemy\’s movement rather than the crosshairs. Instead of focusing on where the opponent is moving, watch the enemy\’s body language.

It\’s best if you can smoothly move your crosshair onto an item whenever you\’re attempting to concentrate on it. In essence, you\’re trying to get your brain used to seeing everything in the game world via the lens of your screen\’s center. Screen shifting is the technical term for this. You may use this approach in Apex Legends and other games to extend crosshair positioning.

Be aware of the difference between ADS and hip fire

In Apex Legends, mastering the usage of ADS may make all the difference in the world. The advantages and costs of ADS must be considered before making a decision. When using ADS to increase your shooting accuracy, you will have a smaller field of vision and be constrained in mobility.

Hip shooting is preferable while engaging in close-quarters combat at point-blank range. Tracking in this situation would need a significant movement while aiming down sight. Instead, using your hips to fire will enable you to move more deliberately and accurately follow your opponents.

Play a few rounds, and keep reminding yourself to hip fire whenever you\’re near a threat. Eventually, you\’ll be able to tell when you should use ADS and when you should use hip fire in Apex Legends.

Assault and counter-assault

In a shootout, staying still is a sure way to die. In Apex Legends, mobility is the most crucial aspect of gameplay. When you\’re moving, aiming is more complicated than aiming when you\’re stationary.

When you strafe, you move the mouse or analog stick in the opposite direction of the opponent to keep an eye on him. The counter aim is the term used to describe this technique. Counter aiming will enable you to fire without being shot if you add it to your arsenal. It may take some time to perfect, but the results are well worth the effort.

Choose proper sensitivity and regulate the recoil

It would help if you kept an eye out for recoil when playing Apex Legends. Recoil patterns are unique to each rifle, so learn how to deal with them. Gamers are reluctant to experiment with new weaponry because they fear the new recoil patterns may interfere with their muscle memory of previous recoil patterns. 

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. A better understanding of diverse recoil types enhances your overall ability to handle any weapon.


To play Apex Legends, one must be familiar with all of the weaponry in the game. When playing Apex Legends, be sure to set the sensitivity level appropriately. You\’ll be able to track and flick more smoothly if you start with a low-sensitivity setting. 

The essential thing you can do is be honest with yourself and change your sensitivity if it\’s holding you down. A sensitivity setting that is set too high will do you absolutely no good—reloading while being shot after missing the first few rounds results in a panic-spraying and reloading.


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