799+Best Kenku Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Hello, people! Do you love to play Dungeons and Dragons? Then I am sure you must have been aware of Kenku, the cursed creatures. This fantasy roleplaying game has introduced so many humanoid creatures to the players. Kenku is one of them.

While you are playing the game, you are free to generate cool and creative Kenku names. These raven-like creatures are vicious fighters.

However, they are avian humanoids. They have arms rather than wings. Therefore, they are not able to fly.

So, you might think: Do Kenku have names? Yes. They do have names. But there is no thumb rule set regarding their names. You can give creative and innovative names to your Kenku characters. While giving a name to Kenku, you have to recall that you can give their names according to their personality or profession.  

Let’s find out some of the catchy Kenku names for your characters.

D&D Kenku Names And Their Meanings

D&D Kenku Names And Their Meanings

Before going into the Kenku name suggestions, let’s know more about them. The more you will be aware of them, the more creative you can be while giving their names. Kenku is a race that is featured with so many powers.

But, Can Kenku speak? The answer is no. Kenku do not have the power to speak. When they were cursed, their speaking and flying abilities were taken away from them. However, they are gifted with the unique power of mimicry.

That means, they can mimic everything they hear. Therefore, the names of Kenku should be onomatopoeic. Their names should speak of their actions and skills.

Next, Can a Kenku be a warlock? Yes, they can be. Kenku can be a great warlock. So, you have the option to name Kenku according to that as well.

Here are some of the Kenku names and their meaning.

  • Clicker: A Killer
  • Clapper: Encourages others
  • Crow Honk: Sound made by a crow
  • Nibbler: Who eats in small bites
  • Nestler: Makes a great nest
  • Swan Honk: Sound made by a swan
  • Vulture Screech: cry of a vulture
  • Bell Drop: A dropping bell
  • Bouncer: Something bounces many times
  • Giggler: someone giggles so many times
  • Drummer: A person playing drums
  • Flute Whistle: Sound made by flute
  • Furnace Roar: sound produced by a burning furnace
  • Leather Flicker: A Piece of shining leather
  • Frogger: comes from a frog’s name.  
  • Panda Puff: Comes from a lazy panda
  • Wolf Growl: Sound of a wolf.

These names that I have mentioned are quite famous among Kenku. You may use any of these names if you wish.

Kenku Names Lore

As I have said earlier, you do not have to follow any fixed convention while naming the Kenku characters. You can get ideas from lore, literature, books, and others.

Only keep in mind that the name should represent the skills, actions, and nature of the Kenku.  

Here are some Kenku names for you.

RufflerKettle BubblerSplasherNames Crossroads
ClapperBasherBill PooleNames Admire
InscriberQuail CallGyrosNamlytical
Hog SnortDrummerCrow rustleNames Overtime
Ape CallDove SwoopSheep BleatKenku Sigma
Hog OinkHorse StampMallet CrashKenku Demeter
Steel CrashRoarerGrain MillKenku Platinum
Hammer CrashSlicerStrummerNames Funnel
Net SplashWolf YelpScrubberNames Accent
Crate CrackDragon ChewRabbit ScreamNamaro
ChomperBison BreathHammer ClankNames Sun
Giraffe snortLute StringDog WiggleNames Vine
DuckerHoe DigSteel ClankNames Fog
RoasterSteel DropBook SlamKenku Spot
StomperGrowlerLeather FlickKenku Scouts
Dolphin NoiseGigglerPiercerNames Growth
BurnerChisel CarveFalcon SwoopNamnest
Bee BuzzerHoe ScrapeOwl CallKenku Granite
Grain TrashTweeterGarin MillKenku Rocket
Hide SmackJackal CallBrakerKenku Rainbow
RustlerParrot SquawkDuck RustleKenku Milk
KnockerMimerPaint StrokeKenku Class
Snake SlitherSnakerKettle BubbleNames Wish
NagorHize ChagCao KueNames Alaska
Kenku Names Lore
AzagorZur caskbeardBradof ShorskKenku Class
DumirMitiod RenzimHel SholodzKenku Consulting
OrakShavir HegudeKir VikranKenku Broker
KhadarZuih HiangJio MaNames Pal
HulidWew KiIong KieKenkuops
karzirgIvor GritskJio MaKenku Venom
Uy YeiTui TamVef NizanNames Breakfast
Kenku AspectKenkuwindNames PunchKenku Nova
Kenku JackpotNames DestroyNames AtlasKenku Smoke
Names SuperiorNames K9Kenku AffectsKenku County
KenkuellaNamsyKenku DipKenku Limitless
Kenku FosterNames DuskNames IntellectKenku Domestic
KenkuadoKenku DelishKenku ShepherdKenku Attract
Names MayhemKenku KnightKenku BuffKenkuworks
Names EnquireKenku WelfareNames SupportKenkury
Kenku PaintKenku VedicKenku WoodworkingNames Carte
NamlyKenku SnuffNames VineNames Delight
Names ReviewNamcogNames TuneKenku Acuity
Names RicochetKenku IntuitionKenku DharanaNamopolis
NamexKenku ZeusKenku DominoNames Canine
NamsioNames PulseNames ImmersiveNames Sprout
Kenku FalconKenku InformKenku BareKenku Palette
Kenku AbroadNames WearKenku NourishKenkubia
Kenku AssortedNamjetKenku PalmNames Loop
Kenku MarkerNames AnarchistNames SonicNames Genuine

These Kenku names are quite perfect for your fantasy fiction characters. Choose names that you think suit your character the best.

Kenku Ranger Name Suggestion

Ranger Kenku names are cool, creative, and funny. Here are some of the ranger Kenku names for you.

Kenku RaiderNames BrainyKenku AncestorNames Generation
Names ResourceKenku JungleNames FramedNames Butcher
Names FlameNames FreshKenku RoyaleNames Fantastic
KenkuorzoNamadriNames FaithfulNames Zig
Kenku PlumpingKenku OgreNames FrameNames Transit
Names IvyNames NomadNames ComplexNames Push
Kenku InfinityKenku ProgressiveNames BubbleKenku Wholesome
Kenku UnisonKenku IgnitionKenku AroKenku Lock
Kenku WindKenku NaturoNames VaporKenku Ricochet
Names LionKenku TerrainKenku ViewerNames Discussion
Names KaiserKenku HolicKenku FalconNames Toot
Names DoshaKenku BreezeNames EnhancerKenku Squad
Names SmashNames LeashNames VibeNames Maker
Names ConventionalKenku IllusionKenku DreamyKenku Sun
Names VibeKenku AccomplishNames DwellKenku Control
Kenku TireKenku TriadNames SourceNames Vice
Kenku MinimalKenku PoriumKenku EdgeNames Nourish
Names SuperKenku ProteinKenku TodayKenku Ease
Names AmityKenku BomberNames AffectionNames Check
Kenku AceKenku RogueNames FounderKenku Atlas
Kenku MetroNames PortrayNames CrumbNames Poe
Names PrimedKenku JourneymanNames AdvisorKenku Humble
Names StyledKenku GrasslandKenku CasterNames Shining
Kenku StuffNames SerendipityNames CaveKenku Delight
Names CountryKenku NavigatorNames IntelKenku Humdrum
Kenku Ranger Name Suggestion
Names JellyKenku JoyNames GuardianKenku Ster
Names AnswerKenku CutNames CaringNames Omni
Kenku HotlineNames BambinoKenku BentKenku Draw
Names GambitNames HexNames QuakeKenku Ghost
Kenku MeadowKenku BedogKenku RelicKenku Elysium
Kenku ValorKenku HandyNames SnuggleKenku Repair
Kenku MistKenku SightNames ColorNames Mountain
Names CloudNames LinkKenku EagleNames Warm
Kenku DiscoveryNames RogueNames ExhaleNames Scape
Kenku StanceKenku A1Names NodeNames Ruby
Names SplashNames EnjoyNames IntelNames Genesis
Names ControlNames RestoreNames BoorNames Zephyr
Kenku YouthKenku TriadNames SavasanaNames Outlet
Names KnowledgeKenku RainbowNames Blue OceanKenku Pantry
Kenku OpolisKenku EmpireKenku MammothKenku Aura
Kenku ConfectionsNames AnchorNames StudiosKenku Accomplish
Names ViewKenku HostKenku CloudNames Last
Kenku KnobKenku CreativityKenku ZenNames Fury
Kenku SlipNames NeonKenku TimesNames Yard
Names RiseKenku HexNames BulkKenku Research
Names BeckonKenku AcreKenku PivotNames Country
Kenku VictorNames LoadKenku CastawayNames Urban
Kenku CrystalKenku StakeNames BrilliantKenku Telegraph
Names TrailKenku RevolutionNames EstablishNames Life
Names ApexNames AspectNames PebblesKenku Desire

Women Kenku Names For Your Characters

A Kenku can be both male and female. Female Kenku names are quite popular among the players. They are mostly inspired by some surrounding animals, creatures, or birds. Here are some of the Kenku female names for your characters.

Names GeniusKenku InternationalNames BentKenku Lion
Kenku ExecutiveNames OptimizeNames ScanKenku Safari
Names PathNames IcarusNames BreezyNames Academy
Kenku PicksNames EngagedKenku ActiveNames Fawn
Kenku VivaNames PalaceKenku ArtisanKenku Fed
Kenku HybridKenku BioNames DuelNames Mark
Kenku FairNames CruiseKenku OverwatchNames Guide
Kenku FrolicKenku PaintNames OptimalKenku Fortress
Names MakerKenku BambooNames RivetingKenku Speed
Kenku BooKenku MotifNames SnappyKenku Collective
Names FlavorKenku EffectNames MetaNames Swift
Names GraceKenku ModernNames ElevateKenku Carrier
Names AspectKenku CaptivatingKenku PlacesNames Rewind
Names MaxNames SurgeNames PushKenku Serf
Kenku CrushNames LeagueNames BlazingKenku Target
Names LiftKenku PrimerKenku SnaffleNames Mind
Names BenchNames SourceNames CommandNames Epic
Kenku DripKenku MastersKenku CaptureKenku Scope
Kenku NocturneKenku LacedNames DevelopNames Powder
Names HealthNames StripNames WillowKenku Sprout
Names NinjaNames FrogletNames EternalKenku Conspiracy
Kenku TokenKenku JoyNames EleganceKenku Attractor
Names BrumbyNames UniformNames FrameworkKenku Acclaim
Names RankKenku OptimumNames LinkNames Milk
Kenku FlexNames GazetteNames BoothKenku Natha
Women Kenku Names For Your Characters
Names DayKenku SenseNames AlertNames Pioneer
Names PleasuresKenku DiverseNames InvestNames Wax
Names GainKenku SnazzyKenku CloneNames Urge
Kenku ControlKenku GetNames SoapKenku Esteem
Kenku LanceNames RocketNames BuncoNames Satisfy
Kenku FinestNames HeatKenku FlexKenku Impact
Names LoveNames MorningNames RichKenku Resort
Names PlusNames PursueKenku TroveKenku Simple
Names VaultKenku SocietyKenku ReporterKenku Ooze
Names CarveNames SymmetryNames MetroNames Space
Kenku AtlantisNames EarthNames TonalNames Planet
Kenku AzraaNames VisualNames KashmirKenku Theory
Kenku OriginKenku BrokerKenku TridentNames AAA
Names JazzNames SecureNames AllegianceKenku Roma
Names ShenaniganKenku WildNames ImmersiveKenku Action
Names PoppyNames RecorderNames KidKenku Synergy
Kenku NimbleKenku ChampionKenku SkylinkNames Predator
Kenku LoyalKenku PhotogenicKenku NipKenku List
Names VectorKenku FirestoneKenku RubyNames Class
Kenku TotalKenku ViolaNames DelightKenku Drop
Kenku RapidNames VictorKenku ApexKenku Yantra
Names AssuredKenku FatherNames CommandNames Ambrosial
Kenku AssuredKenku CountKenku LuxuriantKenku Gen
Kenku FuelKenku SailKenku SpiritNames Mind
Kenku FadNames SpiritNames CapacityKenku Brewer

Kenku Monk Names

Kenku VixenNames MarginNames ShadowNames Hustle
Kenku GrowthNames ParachuteNames ExamineNames Wave
Kenku DefinitionKenku TastyKenku MoonlightKenku Errorless
Kenku PriorityKenku HunterNames SensorNames Exotic
Kenku CasaNames FirestoneNames MagnoliaKenku VIP
Kenku CleverKenku ProjectKenku MafiaKenku Leap
Kenku HasteNames FactionKenku WhiskersNames Joy
Kenku FinishNames RankNames CanopyKenku Feed
Kenku PushNames SolveKenku SourcedNames Grande
Names CyberKenku OraKenku MountainKenku Growth
Kenku CrusadeKenku HavenKenku KisanNames Omega
Kenku GoldenNames DreamingNames HealthKenku Arrive
Names LifeNames AllianceNames CounterKenku Sensual
Names ResultsNames ShedKenku SpecterNames Retreat
Kenku PineKenku DragKenku SightseeKenku Empire
Kenku BureauNames SpurKenku BangKenku Viewfinder
Kenku RoasterKenku MerchantNames PrintsNames Adorable
Kenku VisageKenku CarsKenku FlyKenku Tootsie
Names InvigorateNames FlawlessNames ThumbNames Flow
Names BootKenku CrawlerKenku AestheticNames Apex
Kenku UrbanNames MaximusKenku Round-OneKenku Innovate
Names EvolveKenku SlingshotNames DrapeKenku Brewed
Kenku KingsNames AuthorityKenku NetKenku Ancestor
Kenku AdvancedNames CreamKenku CupcakeKenku Clues
Kenku MosaicKenku LinkNames RemedyNames Knight
Kenku Monk Names
Names GrowerKenku AuthorityKenku YumKenku Java
Kenku TogKenku NumberKenku VarietyNames Edgy
Names DuoKenku DestinyNames OptimizeKenku Lighthouse
Names TempleNames OmaticNames CreateNames Charm
Names FamiliarKenku WillowNames AttuneKenku Stamp
Names SwingmanKenku MeshNames SessionsKenku Breezy
Names PlayNames CeramicNames EnticeKenku Mobil
Names SketchNames OrderNames KingdomNames Garnet
Kenku SelectKenku SolutionsKenku FodderKenku Junky
Names AmoreKenku CrashNames CaptureKenku Control
Names TightNames IumKenku MillKenku Fox
Kenku SlabmanNames IsoKenku TimelessKenku Shelter
Names FootprintNames ExquisiteNames ChoiceKenku Ark
Kenku DateNames SleeveNames OkraNames Aerobic
Names BoxNames TapKenku ShapeKenku Butterscotch
Kenku ThriveKenku RefineKenku ArticleKenku Picker
Names BornKenku AffiliateKenku IncomingKenku Stable
Kenku ExpertKenku SustainedNames SpringKenku Master
Kenku FinishNames HealthyKenku BushKenku Beauty
Kenku GatorKenku PreciseNames SunflowerNames Factory
Names LoopNames SootheNames ArmyKenku Hub
Names UltraKenku PavementKenku ImperialNames Function
Kenku InvaderKenku ContactKenku BlankNames Wild
Kenku RulesNames ZenNames UniversalKenku Dimples
Kenku WaterKenku SpitfireKenku BudKenku Hatchel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kenku Have Names?

In Dungeons and Dragons, Kenku does have names. But, there is no thumb rule set regarding their names. You can give imaginative and creative names to your Kenku characters. You can get naming ideas from literature, folklore, surrounding animals, and others.

Can A Kenku Be A Bard?

Well, Kenku as a bard is a good idea indeed. Kenku lost their ability to speak as they are a cursed race. But, they can mimic everything they hear.

How Old Are Kenku?

Kenku can’t live much longer like humans. They have a very short lifespan. They become adults at 12 years old and live only up to 60 years old.

Is Kenku Monk Good?

Most of the time, a Kenku monk is good enough. Kenku monks are lawful and disciplined. So, they can be good enough to be a monk.

Can A Kenku Be A Druid?

Kenku can be often classified as a druid. As they are roguish and vicious in nature, they can also be classified as a ranger or a rogue.

To Wrap It Up

Kenku is a playable race in Dungeons and Dragons. I hope, these names inspire you and you have already got a suitable name for your Kenku Character. All the best. Happy Gaming!

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