OSRS – About Bird House Trapping

We’re heading to Fossil Island on an adventure to make bird houses.

Players who have been looking to become the masters of the hunter technique in Old School Runescape may want to know more about bird house trapping. This is a nifty way of earning experience whilst you’re on your quest to accumulate the most OSRS GP as possible to find the best OSRS items for sale.

Bird House Trapping

We’ll need to know more about bird house trapping before we can master the technique, of course. The practice of bird house trapping is a hunting method in which you catch birds, as the name would suggest. Doing this will allow you to make bird houses over on Fossil Island. When you have them set up, you can then use seeds to start filling them. You will then have to wait for a period of 50 minutes so that the birds start to fill up the house.

You will need to utilise your crafting skills to make the bird house traps. This will require you to find logs, as well as clockwork and a hammer and chisel. When you’re on Fossil Island you will notice that there are certain places where the bird house traps can be put. The great thing about this is that it can give you a passive option to earn more skills in hunting, and gain valuable OSRS items at the same time. Just a quick point on the clockwork requirement if you are playing the Ironman mode; you will have to get your construction skill up to 25 so that you can make crafting table 2. Once you have built that, you can then start making clockwork pieces for yourself.

Using Seeds

Naturally, we are going to need to fill up these new bird house traps with seeds. Arming the trap initially requires you to use 10 low level herb seeds or hop seeds. Another option would be to use 5 higher level seeds to fill the houses. That said, no matter what seeds you use, you will always get the same rewards from them. With that in mind, you don’t want to waste too much of your OSRS gold on them. Whilst players may choose to get OSRS gold for sale if they wish, you can buy more expensive seeds, though the rewards are identical.

Where to Place the Traps

We will be heading to Fossil Island to place our bird house traps. When reaching the island, we’ll have four different places where we can put the houses. Specifically, we can find two of the locations for the bird houses in Verdant Valley. This area can be found south of the Museum Camp.

Another location for the bird houses can be found at the Tar Swamp, near the entrance. Finally, the other place to put your traps is in the Mushroom Forest. Once you have found the magic mushtree, you can head north to find the location. It is also found on the western side of the ancient shroom.

A quick way of getting to these areas is via the Digsite pendant teleport, which will take you to Fossil Island. The pendant needs to be used at the House on the Hill, where you will use the pendant on the machine there. Following this, you will be using the magic mushtree here.

How to Catch the Birds

To actually catch the birds themselves, you will have to get the traps set and the houses filled with seeds. You’re looking at times of around 5 minutes for a bird to be captured, and will hold 10 maximum. The hunter experience and loot that you’re looking for will require you to have gone back to the bird house and taking it apart. By dismantling the bird house, you will lose it obviously, but you do get the clockwork returned to you. The good thing about this is that you are only going to ever need four clockwork pieces when making bird house traps. That said, it would be useful to take a fifth clockwork piece so that you’re more efficient when going between the trap sites.

If you would prefer you can also purchase bird houses that have already been made. To do so, you can head over to the Grand Exchange. They won’t require you to buy OSRS gold to afford them, and you can also help yourself to some OSRS GP back as well. When you get the pre-made houses, you will get the clockwork back whenever you dismantle them. When you do so, you could then potentially sell the clockwork on. Whichever method you decide to use, it’s useful as a way of gathering resources that you may need.

Have you been to Fossil Island to set these traps? Let us know in the comments section below!


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