Interesting Facts about Australian Koala Platinum Coins

In the capital market, nothing is certain. Many factors affect it, and the global situation during the last two years doesn\’t favor its recovery. Everything points to a potential crisis, perhaps faster than many expect. And such events hit ordinary people the most.

Most people have their savings in cash. But money and the current state of interest are losing value due to rising inflation. The biggest culprits for this are the uncertain geopolitical situation and the dollar dependence of most world currencies. One form of savings recovery is investing in alternative assets, which have little to do with fiat currencies.

Although most people think that only silver and gold belong to precious metals, there are several other elements from the platinum group. The most famous of these is platinum itself. Bullions made of this metal should be a part of every sound investment portfolio. Some of the most popular ones are Australian Koala coins. On this link, you can find out why you should think of having some of them.

How Platinum Made It Through

Platinum ore didn\’t have much popularity back in the day. It was even considered worthless. Miners in Russia even threw it away whenever they mined it along with gold. Given its large reserves, the then government decided to give the ore its purpose and turned it into coins. But due to the strange properties of platinum (high melting point and softness), these pieces were impractical, so they were quickly withdrawn.

Today, things have changed, so platinum has become very much appreciated. It\’s widely used as a raw material in the industry, especially automotive, chemical, glass, and electrical. It is rarer than gold, which makes it more precious. For this reason, this element has incredible investment potential.

Coins made of platinum nowadays don\’t resemble the original bullions at all. Thanks to the latest processing methods of this material and the ability to reach high melting temperatures in mints, modern coins are strong, stable, and non-porous. These platinum products, and especially the popular Australian Koala, are attractive investment vehicles.

Coin Design


As you know, Australia is a member of the Commonwealth, and its official ruler is Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Her portrait is on most of the printed and minted money of the states from this political community. Thus, you can see her image on the reverse of platinum coins issued by the Perth Mint.

You can see the coin value across the bottom of the front. It\’s usually 100 Australian dollars, but the real value of this piece is higher than the stated one. The price reflects the current platinum rate on the global market, and it\’s on the constant rise.

The koala, after which the entire coinage got its names, is on the reverse. The depiction of this cute little animal differs on coins of different years of release, but it also depends on the designer. So you can find a picture of a single koala on a tree, a mother koala carrying a cub, an animal called eucalyptus, etc. The rear design changes yearly.

The Production Was Aborted Temporarily

Since the beginning in 1987, the platinum Australian Koala was a sovereign coin backed up by the government. It is estimated that to date, just over 50,000 pieces have been issued, which makes these coins less represented. Their value is likely to grow as investors show much interest in platinum as an alternative asset for their portfolios.

But things weren\’t always so bright. In 2000, the Australian government stopped minting Koala coins. The reason for that was the low demand for this precious metal and the low price of alloy. But this crisis lasted a short time. Still, the official end of production happened in 2010.

Special Storing Conditions

Most platinum Koala coins are sold in clear, plastic cases. It\’s not just a matter of style but a handy way to protect these valuable pieces. Platinum itself is not prone to scratches and doesn\’t change its shape over time. Still, you have to keep them from any contact with other items. Any mark, blemish, or damage can lower the price of this collectible item.

One of the Best-Selling Coins

As mentioned above, platinum is a highly valuable asset among investors. When we say highly valuable, it means it is appreciated enough to be a good investment. And when many people think that way, it boosts the popularity of this precious metal and its forms.

Australian Koala platinum coins are considered a great asset to have in your investment portfolio. Whether you are just starting in the world of investments or are a seasoned veteran, buying these is a very sound financial decision.

Although minted in Australia, you can include Koala coins in your USA precious metal IRA. They have the same status as any other IRS-approved coin (Canadian Leaf, American Eagle, and others). Of course, you have to discuss buying and storing these assets with your advisor and custodian.

Visit the following page to get more information on investing in precious metal IRAs as a part of your retirement plan:

Precious metals are always a great choice to diversify your portfolio and reduce the risk of any reckless or poorly done investment. Australian Koala coinage is a lovely piece of platinum to own, whether you are a passionate collector or just want to bring a sound financial decision.


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