How to Keep Signs of Aging at Bay in Your Late Thirties

Signs of aging can show due to stress or aging. It could also be due to both. It doesn’t help that as you grow older, you have to deal with more stress than you’ve ever thought imaginable. When you reach your late thirties, you start to see the tell-tale signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and you start to panic. 

How to Keep Signs of Aging at Bay in Your Late Thirties

If you’re not there yet and don’t want to get there so soon, here’s how to keep signs of aging at bay: 

Practice smiling 

How to Keep Signs of Aging at Bay in Your Late Thirties

Even if it’s a fake smile, it can lift your mood, studies show. You don’t have to be happy all the time to find something to smile about. Just go ahead and stretch those muscles to keep your skin smooth and fine lines hidden. 

Remember your youth 

How to Keep Signs of Aging at Bay in Your Late Thirties

Many feel sad when they have to think back to their life when they were younger. Perhaps you had some regrets. Perhaps you lost someone you truly care for. Perhaps you wanted to pursue a career you cannot pursue now.

But even with those regrets, there are moments worth thinking back and smiling over. Your first love. Your prom outfit. Your favorite birthday. The first time you bought a moisturizer for dry skin that signaled your adolescence. Remember these moments and channel the youth you used to have. 

Spend time with kids 


If you have children of your own, you have their unlimited energy to inspire you to look at life positively every day. If you don’t have your own children, try being friends with your neighbors’ kids or be closer to your nieces and nephews. Their presence in your life will help you stay youthful in spirit, and it bleeds through physically. 

Take care of your body 

Of course, it’s important that you don’t put your body through torture if you want to keep it youthful. That means giving it the rest it needs, and the nourishment that sustains its health.

Fast food should be consumed in moderation. Stay on top of your hygiene as well. Add exercise to your diet, even if it’s in the form of walking your dog or walking up and down the stairs. You don’t have to spend money on a gym membership if making ends meet will just bring you more stress. 

Take care of your mind 

Keeping your thoughts and emotions healthy is also an important part of staying youthful. It’s important that you filter out the negative thoughts, address their triggers, and learn to respond to them in a caring way.

Take note that your aim is not to eradicate negative emotions; rather, it’s about understanding why you are feeling them, and finding ways to cope. When you feel in control of your emotions, it’s easier to feel light and at ease, and this shows in your skin as well. 

With so many things happening in your adult life, it’s no wonder signs of aging may come sooner. But you can keep them at bay by keeping in touch with your health, physical and mental wellbeing, and your inner child. 


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