What Are the Main Benefits of Using a VPN

Browsing the Internet safely and protecting yourself and your important personal data from prying eyes is one of the biggest challenges that most of the people are facing today. Not only does your internet service provider monitor your every move, but all browsers and websites also track your each and every activity online.

Because of all these privacy concerns and a huge number of hacks, scams, cybercrimes, malware, and more, the Internet is rapidly becoming a risky place for ordinary users these days. But now you don\’t have to worry about it anymore because with the help of a secure and reliable VPN service one can effectively protect or encrypt their internet traffic and keep their identity private at all times.

A VPN or simply virtual private network helps the users solve these various issues by hiding their real IP address and allowing traffic to pass through a secret tunnel. The benefits of VPN are not just limited to security and privacy, but many people are still unaware of what such services can offer them.

Here we will discuss all the significant benefits of using a VPN so that you can understand the different situations in which a VPN can play an important role.


Enhance Security

One of the key benefits of using a VPN is to add an extra layer of security to your Internet connection so that no one can steal your personal information in any way. A VPN masks your real IP address, making it impossible for hackers to intercept your sensitive data.

Moreover, VPN also helps you avoid DOS / DDOS attacks and protects you from being easy prey, especially when you\’re connected to public Wi-Fi.

Protect Online Identity

Protecting your online identity is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day especially when you’re connected with local networks.

But when you connect your device with a VPN server then it hides all your activities including IP address, location and search history, to prevent them from being tracked.

Various companies, Internet browsers, and even Internet service providers may steal your personal data and sell it to third party companies. But with the help of VPN, the risk of data being stolen or exposed is completely avoided.

Provide Freedom

VPN gives you complete freedom of the Internet by unblocking all kinds of content that is not available in your area.

Not only can you easily spoof your location and remove the geo-blocking, but you can also play banned games that are limited to certain geographic areas.

In addition, VPN helps you access the desired content with complete anonymity and protects you from various IP restrictions and DDoS attacks.

Increase Speed

Sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provider) automatically reduces your bandwidth or Internet connection speed based on your online activity. This happens more often when you play high graphic games online, streaming multimedia content and tormenting large files.

In this situation VPN makes you anonymous for ISPs and they are unable to monitor your online activities and the bandwidth you are consuming and therefore you can easily avoid data throttling.

Save Money

Today search engines are very smart and show you the prices of anything according to your location. When you change your location and IP address using VPN with a specific country where airline tickets and rental prices, etc are cheaper, then you can buy them at affordable rates and save a lot of money.

iTop VPN: Unblock Unlimited Fun for Free

There is no doubt that there are many VPNs available in the market to choose from. But when you go to choose one for free, very few come in front of you that actually offer some significant features for free with minimal restrictions.

iTop VPN tops the list due to its powerful features and top class security against cyber criminals. It offers the users military-grade encryption with a high-speed Internet connection, and one can easily hide themselves and their online activities from being tracked.

With over 1000 servers in almost 100+ locations, this is a VPN that allows you to quickly connect to any server in seconds with 3 different connection modes. So whether you want a free VPN for Windows, Android, or iOS, iTop VPN will be a great option for all users.


Although the free VPN has some restrictions, when we compare it with other VPNs currently available in the market, iTop wins the competition as it offers far more useful features than others. The paid version of the software gives you a whole bunch of security features with no limits at an affordable rate which will not put too much load on your pocket.

Besides, iTop VPN is the best option for the following reasons:

  • User friendly interface
  • Kill switch feature
  • Military grade protection
  • No connection drops
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • High speed performance
  • Very light weight
  • 3 connection modes
  • Ad-free and seamless experience
  • Connect to 5 devices simultaneously


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