Omega: Classy Watches Connecting the Past and Present

Are you looking for a watch that is not just a mere accessory? The high-end features of a watch make us fascinated. In choosing a watch, there are many considerations we must think about. Aside from having watches to keep us on time, we consider how it will affect our look. Will it look fabulous? Or will it just snatch away everything? Thus, on top of considerations, we depend on how valuable it is, and Omega Watches have it all.

These are not only a watch but a timepiece with more than what they could offer. All you need to do is to discover and choose the right one that corresponds to your needs. Watch enthusiasts will be very glad that this has been invented. Thus, to understand further, let us dig into what Omega Watches is all about.

What sets Omega Watches apart from other brands?

Omega has been renowned as one of the leading and best timepieces in the industry. Every watch enthusiast would love having one on the wrist. Considering its purpose, it has to hook everyone up to what it can offer. Hundred years of service, it had embraced tons of stories and made histories that lived up to this day.

One Omega watch has reached the moon and the official timekeeper on the Olympics. Many popular personalities including James Bond, Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Prince William, Cindy Crawford, and John F. Kennedy have been wearing this timepiece.

\”Exact Time for Life\” as they say will surely bring out the unexpected. The quality it embraces is a fact that it is not just an ordinary watch like the others. This brand of watches offers a wide range of collections. Choosing the right one is confusing, especially if it is your first time making a purchase.

From the stylish ones to vintage, we cannot resist being amazed at how these watches have been made. Digging down to the previous brands and designs of watches, you could see how they developed into a more pristine and elegant one. Well, to see how it happened, let us discover more about how Omega Watches marked its name.

Omega Watch Series

Now, we will dig in on the classifications they have. We used the watches specifically in different environments. Aside from that, we will tap on its prices and the quality it serves. Knowing the specifications or features of each model of the watch will help in choosing the right one for you. A tip of look will be of great help to have that watch who will be with you for some time.

Omega Speedmaster

One of the famous watches in the collection of Omega is the chronograph one. This made a tremendous impact on the history of watches when it appeared in 1957. It is under the category of sports watch. It has been used not only in many important events. Famous persons also used it such as the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission.

Costing around $6,350 on retail, it offers many features that will benefit its user a lot. Considering its compact size, which is only around 40mm up to its Co-Axial Master Chronos. Its substance is a combination of digital and quartz watches. The quality is on par because of the durable material used, such as the case made of grade 5 Titanium.

So, if you are looking for a chronograph watch, why not consider this and keep it wrapped on your wrist every day as a time buddy?

Omega Seamaster

If you are looking for a watch for diving, this is the perfect one for you. It contains a high rating of water resistance reaching up to 300 meters, which is excellent for all diving professionals. To verify its capability, James Bond used it in its various movies. That is why this watch made an enormous impact on what it is today.

Costing around $5,200, you can already have this fantastic watch right on your hands. You will not regret even once choosing this as it will serve its purpose more than it is supposed to.

Omega Railmaster

A stylish watch that goes well in everything, this watch is used mainly for those exposed to magnetic fields and electric current. As stated by the reason behind its name, this watch has an anti-magnetic feature and was introduced in the year 1957. Since then, this has been widely renowned. Thus, as it became rare, it is considered as an item for collectors up to this day.

Because of unexpected events, Omega Railmaster made its downfall and had gone on a phase-out in its first half, a not-so-good start for the watch. But then, they reintroduced it again in 2003 hoping this will be the perfect time for the watch to be renowned. But then it received the same fate in its first half leading to its discontinuation.

Since then, they have taken another chance in 2017, and guess what? They have succeeded. Compared to what happens on its first two tries, it has embarked its name on the market on its third try the perfect time.

These are just some of the best watch series of Omega, and there are more watches available. Offering different watches that suit your taste and need, you can easily find one here. Be amazed at what specific field it suits and get the one you think you will love.


Omega Watches have been promoting the watch capabilities like never. It has made the impossible possible and will offer what others can\’t do. Discover more unique and superb watch series on Omega and be amazed at what they could offer.

Watches have been with us for hundreds of years. They have been helping us to update on time and navigate things. Today\’s watches offer more than what they can do way back before. Thus, the power it expresses is priceless and will continue its steadfastness. For great deals and discounts, be sure to check out today!


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