Rolex: A Symbol of Success Around Your Wrist

Rolex, as a brand, continues to dominate the watch market. This is because of its value, both as a brand and as a timekeeping instrument. There are several reasons Rolex is a sought-after luxury brand of watch. But, to those who haven’t owned one yet, they know that the name itself conjures so many images. It conjures wealth. A Rolex watch can be priced somewhere between $5000 to $12000. That’s not cheap, considering that getting one is like getting a new car. A Rolex watch doesn’t depreciate. It fact is appreciated with time. If a brand is rare, then it becomes more expensive. 

What Rolex Symbolizes For The Wearer

Wearing a watch brand says something about you. For those who are not watching fans, ordinary watches that tell the time is enough. Those who know the actual value of mechanical watches are very particular about any watch they wear or what they see others wear. In the 17th century, watches were the thing of royalty. Ordinary people could never own watches because these things are costly. So, carrying one as a pocket watch is a sign of distinction. When watches became a mass consumption, some are considered as the elite in the world of timekeeping. These people are keen on brands. Getting yourself a Rolex watch Is a status symbol. You don’t go out with your Rolex watch and say it is just a Rolex. A watch that costs around $12,000 or more is not to be taken lightly. 

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Symbol of Power and Wealth

A Rolex watch is a symbol of power and wealth. Wearing one means that you are. A person of distinction, and you get what you want. It also means that you are wearing to take a risk to deliver the goods. That is why lawyers, judges, or famous performers love to wear Rolex. Getting yourself the best luxury brand of watch in the world is a lifetime achievement. 

The Value of Rolex Doesn’t Depreciate.

Rolex is like a jewelry item. It doesn’t depreciate. The prime reason for this is that it uses the best materials in the world. These watches are Rolex GMT-Master II, the Rolex Daytona, and most of all, the Rolex Submariner. The only reason an item depreciates is because of a lack of demand. This is not the case with Rolex watches. There are rare Rolex watches that are very expensive because they are collector’s items. 

Rolex and Practicality

Luxury items can be practical items. For instance, you can pawn a Rolex for a fair amount of money. You can pawn a Rolex from $3000 up to $11,000. That’s how valuable any Rolex watch can get. There is a vintage Rolex watch that can be pawned for less or more, depending on their demand in the market. So, having a Rolex watch can give you a lot of enjoyment and security in life. 

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Materials That Make Rolex Expensive

The price of Rolex goes beyond the brand name. Of course, the brand name says it all. For example, other luxury watches use 316L stainless steel. A Rolex watch uses 904L stainless steel. For those who don’t know yet, this material is virtually indestructible. It is resistant to corrosion, and it is very hard. That is why a Rolex watch can last beyond your lifetime. Rolex also uses 18 ct gold. 

What Happens If Someone Stoles a Rolex Watch?

All Rolex watches are registered. When a watch gets stolen, the owner will give the model/serial number to the brand. The brand will tag this. Rolex will seize the watch and return it to the original owner. Many people crave to have a Rolex watch. Some find this an attractive way to sell. The great thing about our technological world is that it is easy to find forfeited items and return them to the rightful owner. 

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Care For Your Rolex Watch

Rolex is made of strong and nearly indestructible materials. However, there are still parts inside and outside the watch that should be protected from hazardous materials. For example, bringing your Rolex to the shower is not advisable. The soup will damage the rubber gasket and spring bar. This will not only depreciate the value of your Rolex. It will also ruin the watch in the long run. 

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That is why, like all luxury items, watches like a Rolex watch should be maintained. That way, you will have many years of pleasure wearing it. It’s like wearing the most precious item in the world. It gives you a sense of joy and pride as you wear it. All your hard work and achievement deserves such a watch. And Rolex as a brand is the most popular and sought-after watch brand in the entire world. It is safe to say that everyone knows a Rolex. 

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