A Selection of the Best Anime Sites for the Ultimate Experience

Anime originated in Japan. It began solely for the Japanese market and initially targeted children. In 1956, modern anime came to be. It later found a lasting success by the year 1961. By the 21st century, anime became available worldwide, garnering international popularity by then. Pokémon and Spirited Away are a few of the popular animes that most people worldwide became familiar with. Of course, with its fame, several sites made watching anime possible. Here are a few of the best anime sites that you can try and enjoy watching your favorite anime.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service accessible to Amazon Prime members. With your membership, it is inclusive of a massive list of movies and TV shows for various categories. It is one of many of the leading video streaming services online. There are also Amazon Original movies available for you to stream using this site.


Netflix is a streaming service, an American content platform and production company located in California. It came to be by the year 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It caters to various movies and TV shows. Furthermore, you can watch several anime shows with high-quality graphics and sounds. Netflix also offers varying plans that suit your preference. If you are an anime enthusiast, this streaming site is a treasure for you.

With Netflix, you can find options whether you want to watch a dubbed version or a subtitled one. You can find many popular titles in its library and enjoy streaming together with your family and friends.

Additionally, with Netflix, you can also download individual anime episodes you would wish to watch offline.


Crunchyroll is subscription-based. This video streaming site allows you to enjoy your favorite anime shows and also enables you to watch Japanese dramas to your liking. The best catch with this site is that it has a comprehensive library and is probably the best from the other subscription-based anime sites.

Additionally, this site enables you to watch offline by subscribing to the Mega Fan tier. Crunchyroll allows a 14-day trial if you wish to check and know for yourself.


If you are not a fan of subtitles, Funimation is the perfect site for you. This particular site offers dubbed animes instead of subtitled ones. It began as the company bringing Dragonball to the United States. Additionally, you will be able to figure out quickly how to download anime movies when you wish to watch them offline.

Unfortunately, Funimation is only available in some areas. You will have to get a VPN if you want to try this site out.


Hulu is a frontrunner video streaming site that provides live and on-demand movies and TV shows. Hulu enables you to watch both classic and new titles. Additionally, when you decide to subscribe to Hulu, it is lower than its competitors. You can freely choose the package you prefer to get. You can go either monthly or yearly.


CONtv provides you with Startrek comics and allows you to access a few anime titles. This site may have good anime selections, but unfortunately it’s a little limited. The collection in its library of animes might be its little downside.


This streaming site sprang from the fans of various genres, including cartoon shows and animes, and even gaming. With VRV, you enjoy free episodes that some sites will not avail for you unless you subscribe.

Additionally, with VRV, people in the same household can simultaneously access it. Plus, Crunchyroll’s content is also under VRV. But, the same with Funimation, VRV is only available to a few select locations.


Considered one of the best streaming sites, AnimeLab provides you with an excellent site to watch anime. It has an extensive library containing several anime titles ranging from your favorite anime classic to the new ones. You can even add a rating for the anime you wish to rate after watching it.

AnimeLab has subscription tiers, but you can also watch free episodes and catch simulcasts on the site. Sadly, this fantastic website is only accessible when you are in Australia and New Zealand. However, if you wish to find out for yourself, you can secure a VPN and try to access it.

Soul Anime

Soul Anime is one of those sites that allows you to watch your favorite animes without needing to pay a certain amount. The site contains in its library the majority of the animes you are in search of. Furthermore, you can also watch anime movies using Soul Anime. This website is reliably free and a good substitute for KissAnime.


This site has almost everything you are looking for in an anime streaming website. It offers a wide range of libraries containing all genres of anime. Additionally, this site can also help you choose an anime to watch when you have no idea which to pick.


This site is another free streaming anime site where you can freely watch your anime. It has a massive expanse of a library, allowing you to have an array to choose from.


So, here we have some of the reliable sites to watch your favorite anime. It is nice to sit down and relax and enjoy watching anime. After all, these entertainment shows can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.


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