PS5 Loads Spider-Man: Miles Morales So Fast It’s Tough To Believe

A viral video of PS5 launching Spider-Man: Miles Morales depicts how fastly the console’s custom SSD can drive the game from the home screen. 

Viral footage of PlayStation 5 coming up Spider-Man: MIles Morales shows the unparalleled speed of the comforts is almost tough to believe at first glimpse. However, this mostly appears in the future of the living room game zone. It arrives in roughly in short than two weeks with the first performance of the upcoming generation of comfort. 

The expected PS5 console will be able to control huge body rates and native 4K intention. Moreover, ray tracing. In spite of not all of the listed visual improvements might be reachable at that time in single footage. As per the recent gameplay footage of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game can work at 60fps or 4K with little ruffles or at 30fps or 4K with ray track down authorize. 


Unnecessary to say, the title looks totally gorgeous with the rebellious lighting technology activated. Which results in realistic-looking light sending back. The overall amazing visual performance. 

Another big hardware advancement of PS5. its incredibly fast custom SSD has finally got proper evidence of concept finalization that gives as powerful proof for its organization in loading games. As to give a demonstration by nicoreese’s video of Spider-Man: Miles Morales on Reddit’s PS5. 

As per the viral video, launching the game from the PlayStation 5 home screen takes only 7 seconds. moreover, more than 2 seconds after that to launch from the menu. It is miles ahead of the sometimes minute-long loading times of the recent past console generations. 

However, it is worth noting that the footage in question apparently shows that the game was not pre-launched. Stay tuned for more updates guys. 


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