Eight Exciting Activities that Can Enhance Your Kid’s Spelling Skills

Language is one of the primary acts kids must master when young and spelling constitute part of their language development. Parents can get interesting facts and related materials from the scientific writing services to help their kids practice spelling more effectively. Eight Exciting Activities

Why is spelling necessary? It improves a kid’s vocabulary, their ability to read, and fluency in the language, which can set the kid for future academic success.

Practice makes perfect, and this applies to spell as well. Over time, your kid’s spelling practice can become dry, and therefore you must come up with exciting ways to motivate them and make it more engaging.

Not the usual spelling lists that prove repetitive and boring and which can’t pass as effective in enabling your child to learn. It is, however, not easy to inspire motivation when it comes to your kid’s spelling practice.

Fun Activities to Enhance Your Child’s Spelling

Several methods exist when it comes to practicing spelling besides the usual rewriting of the spelling list.

You can try different spelling activities on your child, which encourages them to practice diverse spelling strategies while writing. Such activities include the following.

Eight Exciting Activities that Can Enhance Your Kid’s Spelling Skills
  • You can indulge in the spelling through memory game. Create flashcards with a single word on each card using your own or your kid’s spelling list. You can then get your kid to pick out a card and read it out aloud before spelling the letters forming the words. Make them write the word down after spelling it out of memory. It encourages spelling out aloud and memory recall.
  • You can sound the words out to your child. You can call out each word to your kid and make her/him repeat the word back before writing it down.

    Try and stick to words that have similar spelling to the way they sound when dealing with younger kids while you can include complex words with a higher difficulty level when it comes to older kids. The activity encourages the identification of phonetic patterns in spelling words and words.
  • Do a puzzle. You can write a specific word on a piece of paper, then cut each letter out and make your kid pick and arrange them accordingly while spelling the word. It encourages and develops skills when it comes to logic.
  • Indulge in rainbow writing. Try and make you kid to spell words using varied crayons, color pens, and pencils for every letter. You can then make your kid spell the exact words using unique colors for every word. It will help your kid to know how letters work in creating whole words.
  • You can also indulge your kids in tracing, writing, and remembering words. Obtain a piece of paper and draw three columns with each column labeled as “copy,” “trace,” and “remember.”

    After that, use your own or your kid’s spelling list and list on the first column, the words. Make your kid trace the letters and then copy the letters in the third column.

    The next step entails concealing the original two columns and having your kid write the obscured words in the last column using memory. It helps with spelling memory and word identification.
  • You can also try the staircase spelling by having your kid practice writing specific words in a pattern that mimics a staircase.

    Write the word’s first letter on one line and add subsequent letters on the next lines until the completion of the word. It encourages comprehension of the logic behind spelling for compound words.
  • Creation of word swatters. You can make use of kitchen spatula or fly swatters where your kid swats words upon identification from magazines or books using a reference list.

    You can then cross the words found from the list. The exercise encourages word identification, spelling memory, and active reading.
  • Filling in missing letters

You can make a word list but with intentional blanks for specific letters before making your kid go through and fill in the blanks. It encourages word identification and spelling logic.


Practice indeed makes perfect, but finding the better and creative ways to practice spelling can significantly influence your child’s performance and command of the language from an early age.

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