Prince Of Persia: Remake Could Be Presented Next Week

Prince of Persia is an iconic franchise of the PlayStation 2 times, sporting this a mechanical feature by which we could rewind time in-game in case of having made a fatal mistake although with logical limitations.

Likewise, for months the recovery of the IP has been rumored through a Prince of Persia Remake focused on \’The Sands of Time\’, a possibility with which it is again played.

Prince of Persia Remake, in the Ubisoft Forward?


In such a way, it is on this event that insider Okabe (via Reddit), who is believed to work at Capcom and has multiple connections within the video game industry – having hit predictions of games like Far Cry 6 in the past -, has left several clues that suggest that we could see a Prince of Persia Remake – or maybe a remaster – of the Sands of Time at Ubisoft Forward next week.

Especially curious is the fact that he says he doesn\’t know if he would call it a \’remaster\’ as such, which leaves the door open to a third possibility: a reboot.

Although it seems obvious at this point that if the franchise really returns, it will do so with the Sands of Time as a base, we should not rule out that even with this Ubisoft it would seek to restart the brand to some extent in order to use it at pleasure from the new one, generation of consoles.

In any case, we will highlight that at the moment all this is nothing more than speculation, although again there are many clues that we have seen recently regarding an increasingly probable return to the action of Prince of Persia.

Finally, the new Ubisoft Forward happen on September 10, 2020, at 21:00.

For more updates on \’ Prince of Persia\’ stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.

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