Apex Legends Season 6: Best Weapons In The New Season

We tell you which is the best weapon of each type in Apex Legends during Season 6 and why

From \” Nintendo inquirer\” we are going to tell you the 6 best Apex Legends weapons in Season 6 after their recent buffets and nerfs and why they are so recommended. This tip includes what we consider the best weapon of each type as below.

Best Assault Rifle: Hemlock

If asked in the rest of Apex Legends Seasons, I would have said that the best assault rifle without a doubt was the Flatline, closely followed by the R-301. But after the recent buffeting that the Hemlok suffered, this assault rifle, despite being burst, has become one of the most reliable weapons at medium range.

Their bullets do considerable damage, and if you manage to hit a full burst, you will almost certainly destroy your opponent\’s shield.

Best shotgun: Mastiff

We know there wasn\’t much to choose from here. Between the EVA-8 and the Mastiff, the Mastiff undoubtedly wins because of its great attack power. Unfortunately, the Mastiff is notorious for how unpredictable she is when she fires a shot, either destroying her opponent with a round and a half or dealing only 14 damage. However, in short distances, and if you have an aim, it is one of the weapons most within the meta today.

Best Sniper: Triple Take

It must be remembered that all snipers are very balanced. Especially the favorites are the Triple Take and the Longbow, since they are much more versatile than the Sentinel, and between the two the Triple Take seems to be somewhat more versatile.

In addition, it is a much more useful sniper in different situations, even at short distances thanks to its three bullets per shot.


Best pistol: Wingman

As with shotguns, here it is easy to opt for a Wingman, which for many is the best weapon in all of Apex Legends. And why is it not used more? Because – it is a quite difficult weapon to use, with few shots and requiring a lot of precision. But its bullets do brutal damage for how fast you can shoot with it.

Best Machine Gun: Devotion

And this is where we get into the controversial energy weapons of Apex Legends Season 6. As you know, they took the Devotion out of the Survival packs and put it in the loot on the ground. The \”worst\” part is that it\’s still a real beast, even without a Turbocharger. Yes, recently the interferon and rose somewhat recoil and down a little damage.

Best Submachine Gun: Volt

Season 6 introduced a new weapon, and it\’s the Volt Power SMG. This was already in Titanfall 2, and I think it is even superior to the Devotion for several reasons:

First, it is much easier to use, since it has hardly any recoil, can be used even at long distance on numerous occasions, and is a real lightning bolt.

To be second, it is very easy to find.

And third, of course, the damage and its cadence. It is, for my taste, the most versatile weapon in Apex Legends today, which can be used for the vast majority of situations and sends rivals to the lobby in a few seconds.

For further updates, keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.

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