Fortnite: All Marvel Skins From Season 4!

At the heights at which we currently find ourselves and taking into account that Epic Games itself has almost confirmed Fortnite Season 4 will be closely linked with Marvel, it would be very far-fetched to deny what is becoming more and more evident: the next Battle Pass could be plagued with a handful of skins that would refer to the publisher\’s world of superheroes.

Something before which a series of new leaks would have arisen that would have been aimed at shedding much light on the matter; So much so that, if it ended up becoming true data when Fortnite season 4 opens on August 27, they would have left us with a lot of information about the rewards of the aforementioned battle pass.

Therefore, we wanted to bring you an article that we can update as more of these skins are revealed. Of course, we cannot move forward without highlighting that to get the most out of Fortnite Season 4 you will have to get your Battle Pass for a handful of V-Bucks.


Leaked Skins from the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

Although we do not have images that support the data that we will discuss below, we have to say that the information comes to us from two of the leakers (disclosure) that have hit the most leaks in the past of Fortnite: HYPEX and Tabor Hill. Next, we leave you with a list of these outfits:

  • Storm skin
  • Skin and a pick of Thor
  • An outfit of Wolverine or Banani parodying the superhero that would become the secret skin of the Season
  • A skin of Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy

So far everything we know at the bit about the Fortnite. We will update this column as further news becomes recognized so if you want to stay up to date, stay tuned to \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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