Fall Guys: Charity Bid To Own Costume Reaches $300,000

This initiative carried out by the same Fall Guys developers is starring Ninja, MrBeast, Aimlab and G2 Esports

For many, Fall Guys may have become the greatest astonishment of the entire year in the video game industry. The success of the Mediatonic and Devolver Digital title is just indisputable, and we can see many streamers, YouTubers, and players who do not dedicate themselves to creating content by playing this nice Battle Royale for hours.

Consequently, it is logical that many brands have decided to imagine skins of themselves in the game, and this is how the guys from Fall Guys took the opportunity to carry out a charity bid.

We had already talked about this bid today, and we have seen that during the day celebrities such as Ninja, Aimlab or MrBeast have participated, in addition to the esports organization G2 Esports. 


In a game in which the three of them were fighting to maintain the highest figure, MrBeast offered a whopping $ 300,000, thus beating Aimlab\’s previous bid of $ 210,069 (which, in turn, served to beat Ninja\’s). ) (via Dexerto).

During the last hours, there has been a lot of movement in this bid to create a skin in Fall Guys, so we will have to stay tuned to see if someone is encouraged to bid a higher amount.

It should be remembered that the money raised will go to a charity called Special Effect, which tries to bring video games to those players who have physical disabilities.

Lastly, we mention some of the fan imaginations regarding Fall Guys costumes, such as Thanos, Pikachu, and much more. Unhappily, we may never see those skins in the Mediatonic game (or yes, who knows).

For more updates, keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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