GTA 6: Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti Will Be The Villain

On the day that Rockstar announces GTA 6, the world will surely stop for a look at the first trailer. But until that happens, it only remains to think, hypothesize, \”pay attention\” to the leaks, and so on.

Today we once again witness a new theory that, although it is still that, a theory, complements very well with the strongest rumors around the new title of the American company.

Before moving on, we tell you that GTA 6 has various rumors about its location, and most of them talk about Vice City. Recently, Take-Two domain called GTA Online Vice City was discovered, while previous leaks also spoke of that city.

In this way, the guys from Screen Rant have shared an attractive theory where Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA Vice City, would appear in GTA 6.


Why Vercetti in GTA 6?

  • First, you have to remember: in GTA Vice City, a Rockstar game released in 2002, Vercetti had just been released from prison and was going back to work for his former boss in the drug business. However, this mission goes wrong because of someone and the new objective is to find him. In this way, Vercetti ends the game as the most important drug dealer in Vice City.
  • At this point, the story was left open. In some installments of the saga, mentions are made of Vercetti, but it is not known how the story progressed for him. In this way, many hope that at some point this character will return.
  • GTA 6 would be the best choice for Tommy Vercetti to suit one of the main characters.
  • The theory that Tommy Vercetti is a villain in GTA 6 arises from the fact that it would be a good script change for the franchise.

There are still many unknowns to solve the plot of GTA 6, year of release, gameplay. Practically everything, since Rockstar has not yet left a clue of the new installment.

In this way, for the moment it only remains to wait for the American company to raise its voice.

For further updates on \’ GTA 6 \’, stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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