Minecraft: Update Version 1.16.20 Patch Notes And Fixes

The new version 1.16.20 of Minecraft is already among us, which adds major and minor fixes, as well as some new functions in an additional way. We are going to leave you with the full patch notes, so you can see all the changes that have been implemented.

As new functions and additions, we have the Piglin Brutes, which are more powerful versions of the Piglin that live in remote strongholds protecting treasures. They are not cowards, they are not distracted by gold and nothing scares them, they also attack the player as soon as they see him, regardless of their clothing. The Gross Piglin carry axes and do not need armor because they are uncouth.

There are changes in the crafting interface, the recipe button shows, using a controller, some object that cannot be created ( MCPE-79725 ). Also, you can now see the names of selected objects from recipes and you can even clear the creation grid by right-clicking.


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a bug on PS4 by people using custom skins.
  • Fixed a game bug that occurred when navigating between the account options in the profile.
  • Fabric blocks can no longer run out of memory or cause resolution errors. ( MCPE-69848 )


  • Players can once again host worlds with a maximum of 8 players on PS4. ( MCPE-85009 )
  • Some achievements completed while offline will be earned when you connect again.
  • Emotes cannot be equipped before being acquired. ( MCPE-84810 )
  • To Set a bug where information was not appearing on iOS.


  • Breaking a piece of furniture will no longer give fade experience. ( MCPE-71651 )
  • Boats will no longer slow down for objects without collision. ( MCPE-81316 )
  • Legacy upgrades will no longer cause issues when being 100% airborne. ( MCPE-58514 )
  • Fixed chests will no longer generate loot until opened or destroyed.
  • Split-screen players can see Ender Dragon and Ender Crystal again. ( MCPE-67596 )

For more updates, keep reading \”Nintendo inquirer\”.


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