FIFA 21: Volta Football Mode For PS4, Xbox One And PC

The Volta Football mode will return back in FIFA 21, boosted with new watermarks, online matches of up to five against 5, greater customization, more fields, a cinematographic side with footballers like Kaka. The streets of the world await the new promises of football.

Of all the football transfers that EA Sports has made in the generation that is ending, the Volta Football mode is probably the most prominent, with permission from the El Camino mode. After debuting last year, this street mode, heir to the FIFA Street legacy, will return with more muscle in FIFA 21, which will debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 9 October, waiting for more information about the version of PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is still unknown.

And If a few days ago we told you what to expect from the gameplay of the classic 11 versus eleven games, today we bring you the impressions of this way, which we have already been able to test, thanks to a PS4 beta that we have had access to. In addition, we attended an online press conference in which the creators of the game revealed what they have tried to achieve this season.

And in terms of playability, the Volta Football mode in FIFA 21 builds on the excellent base that we saw previous last year. Thus, you can expect spectacular, frenetic, and carefree street matches of up to 5 against 5, in which the filigree or the use of the walls will be the order of the day. Pacing and movements have been adjusted to make head-to-head shots more dynamic, but perhaps the biggest innovation in control is the presence of a new system for blocking passes and shots from opponents.


So, the multiplayer has been enhanced with the Volta Squads submodel, which will allow you to form a team together with three friends and compete against people who are in the same division. In addition, we can participate in matches of up to 5 against 5. Like the previous year, if we choose to play alone, we will be able to recruit new players to improve our team.

Another element that has been strengthened is that of personalization. Once we have defined the physique and appearance of our player including tattoos and animations, which can be both male and female, we can accumulate coins and overcome challenges with which to obtain all kinds of equipment that distinguishes us. In that sense, the idea is to reflect urban culture with countless designs, but we can also unlock clothing from real brands and clubs, such as Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, and City these were the clubs that were expressly named in the presentation, but we imagine there will be more. As we play, we will gain experience points with which to improve three different skill trees.

So, finally, it has been tried to reflect the urban culture in 2 other ways. On the one hand, there will be a cinematic experience of about 2 hours, called The debut. which will serve as a tutorial and in which we will meet players like Kaká, Henry, and the freestyler, Kotaro Tokuda. Of course, in the beta that we played, our alter ego moved his mouth, but did not speak, which was extremely rare. Hopefully, it is fixed in the final version of the game. On the other hand, there will be twenty-three most picturesque courts, set in the streets of Paris, Sao Paolo, Milan, Sydney, and many other iconic cities.

With those ingredients, Volta Football aspires to become one of the main dishes of FIFA 21. If you grew up rallying on a street pitch and aspiring to be a soccer star, here you will feel like children again.


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