Fall Guys Sold Over 2 Million Copies At Steam

Something has the game that has already managed to catch more than 2 million players in its PC version through the Steam platform.

Mediatonic (Mediatonic Limited is a British video game developer based in London, that has developed original games for other platforms) the studio in charge of the great  Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout are celebrating right now, although they have always been since the game was released, their popularity has not decreased.

The game, which at first saw its servers collapse before so many players, now you can see the reason for this situation.

According to the officials of Mediatonic, The game, which can currently be played for free if you are a subscriber to PS Plus, already has some numbers to show off with its community.


As they have shown since Devolver Digital,  Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has sold more than 2 million copies on Steam, while it has a million and a half crowns grabbed.

Meanwhile, the numbers mentioned above are incredible, especially considering that the game has only been released with us for a week, which is not exactly turkey. The figures follow in the tweet and in the image made for the occasion, announcing that 65 million Fall Guys have already fallen in the tests.

And it does not end there, as it is a very social game and can be enjoyed with friends or playing and recording the games, it is normal that many content creators have echoed on different platforms. Although the favorite seems to be Twitch, where 23 million hours of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout have been played.

We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the gaming news, stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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