Marvel’s Avengers: Is The Game Adapted On The Comics?

One of the big questions superhero fans always ask themselves when facing an adaptation is whether or not it is faithful to the comics on which it is based. And, obviously, this exam was not going to be less for Square Enix\’s Marvel\’s Avengers video game, which we have had access to in the beta and we have been able to play for several hours to answer the question.

The question was in the air, especially since there were certain doubts regarding the aesthetic representation of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. 

What we had seen earlier had left fans somewhat disappointed with the possible adaptation of Marvel\’s Avengers and the characters that had been introduced: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow.


Conceivably the character that generated the least doubts was Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan, one of the great modern icons of recent times at the publisher, had become one of the great attractions of the Square Enix game. We are talking about the first translation of the comic to the audiovisual world of this character.

A great premise for the story and a wonderful treatment of the characters

From our point of view, Marvel\’s Avengers is a good adaptation. The manner that each and every one of the characters has received, both in identity and in gameplay, is wonderful. One has the feeling of leading the Sentinel of Freedom, the Emerald Giant, the God of Thunder, the Golden Avenger, or the former Russian spy.

And the same happens with Ms. Marvel, as we said earlier. Basically, you have the feeling of wearing a superhero from the Marvel Universe and being part of The Avengers.

In addition, the premise of the video game starring the most powerful heroes on Earth is truly attractive and suggestive. The story has a starting point that has taken the best of recent comics such as  Jonathan Hickman\’s Infinity or the legendary  Civil War, mixed it with the narrative heritage of the X-Men in the House of Ideas. In short, Marvel\’s Avengers breathes Marvel on all sides.

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