Apex Legends To Get A Crossbow As A Weapon!

Season 6 of Apex Legends is about to begin, as it will begin on  August 18. If you missed the trailer and all its news, rest assured because you can see everything that will come new here. And although there are already very few unknowns to solve, continue to emerge leaks and rumors about content that may arrive soon at the Battle Royale of Respawn.

So much so, that yesterday it seemed to be confirmed that the crossbows will arrive in Apex Legends.

All of this has emerged as a result of concept art that is official of Apex Legends. This was published on a website \’ Artstation \’, which is a portal where people can publish their work. In this way, it did not take long for the players to understand that in the image you could see what appeared to be a crossbow next to a type of ammunition. You can see it below (via Shrutgal on Twitter):


The ammunition thing is not new

Although it is the first time that you might think that crossbows will reach the first-person shooter, the ammunition had been leaked a few months ago. Instead of being composed of bullets (in the case of light or heavy weapons) or a sight (in the case of snipers), the symbol of this ammunition, two arrows appear pointing upwards. Of course, since Respawn they have not confirmed anything about this at the moment.

Can this weapon be found normally in a game? Personally, we think that it will be the second option at the beginning and later it will be implemented in the normal game. In any case, it\’s best to keep waiting for now until the Apex Legends developers speak out.

For further updates on \’ Apex Legends \’ stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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