Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series On PS VR

Vader Immortal has just confirmed his arrival on PS4 on August 25, after passing through Oculus Quest as one of his great exclusives. This is what awaits you.

As announced, the State of Play today August 6 was going to leave a few announcements focused on PS4 and PS VR, and it is the arrival of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series to PlayStation VR.

In this case, the complete adventure will arrive, and not divided into three episodes as it was produced in the Oculus viewers (with Oculus Quest exclusively temporary), which will allow us to enjoy the adventure from beginning to end, without having to wait months between chapters.


For those who do not know yet, Vader Immortal puts us in the shoes of a smuggler, who soon discovers that he has Force powers and his talkative android who, through vicissitudes of life, end up collaborating with Vader himself to recover an ancient and powerful device.

An adventure that we analyzed in its day (you can read here the analyzes of episode 1, episode 2  and episode 3 ), which even with its improvable aspects, manages to successfully recreate aspects such as the handling of the saber and Jedi skills such as powerful pushes with the force.

There is also room for memorable moments, such as getting in front of rancor and all those details that we like so much about Star Wars, including its setting and its soundtrack. Everything, of course, has come from ILMxLAB, the Industrial Light & Magic studio lightsabers that is putting new technologies to the test.

As we have said, Vader Immortal will arrive on PlayStation VR on August 25, we assume that in the original version without locating, as has happened with the Oculus versions.

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