PS5: We Predict The Exclusive Games

PS5 will be in charge of making the generational leap together with Xbox Series X, thus placing a new reality for the players in the world of video games.

For this, it will not only import the technologies used by both platforms, but also the titles and franchises in general on which they are dumped. Hence, if large temporary exclusions are fulfilled by one side or another, the balance can be made to lose its balance in a massive way.

Sony\’s big move on PS5 coming up?

About this we have the statements of Imran Khan, the renowned journalist who in the Kinda Funny Games podcast has advanced that Sony has prepared great surprises in the form of a temporary exclusive for PS5 (via Reddit ):


\”There will be things that will surprise you very much that Sony is taking away at the checkbook. Things blocked by a temporary exclusivity that you will react to like \’Wow, is that the game you really choose?\’ Not because it\’s bad, but because it\’s huge.

So I\’m interested to see what happens to this in the next two months because there are some games that are highly accepted as a cross-platform title that Sony will be in charge of blocking for a certain time. do something so crazy. \”

Call of Duty 2020, Final Fantasy XVI and the public speculates

Given these words from Mr. Khan, many are those who have begun to speculate with a particular name: the 2020 Call of Duty. This one, we will remember, saw yesterday the teaser that his reveal would happen as early as next week. On the other hand, a certain historical franchise has also come to the fore: Final Fantasy.

In fact, we must not forget that during this same week a leak already pointed out that Final Fantasy XVI, a title that has yet to be announced by Square Enix, would land first as a temporary PS5 exclusive. This decision wouldn\’t really surprise many after seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake, plus historically PlayStation and Square Enix have mostly gone hand in hand with many IP installments.

For further updates, stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.


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