PlayStation To Reveal PS5 Looks Soon To Avoid Leaks

Despite the fact that we finally know the avant-garde design of the PlayStation 5 and a few games that will be published for the new generation console from Sony, there are still several unknowns that torture those fans who want to know the price, release date and when the console can be reserved.

At the moment, we know there will be limitations on the latter, although there are no clues to the rest. Of course, it is likely that they will be shown in the rumored PS5 event that would take place in early August.

However, there will be some gamers who are thinking about what the PS5 menu interface design will look like


Of course, at the event where the console was introduced, we were able to take a first and brief look at this, and shortly after it was revealed that said interface will be very different from that of the PlayStation 4.

In any case, rumors about a new event continue to feed as Sony should soon reveal the PS5 interface, as it runs the risk of leaking from developers who would already have access to this console and its interface, according to as commented by the well-known Twitter user Tidux.

Something very similar happened with the design of the console, which ran the risk of leaking, and shortly after jumping that news, the PS5 presentation event took place. We recall that both the Sony console and Xbox Series X will land on the market on a date yet to be announced at the end of the year.

In a recent survey, 84% of gamers prefer PS5, although Gabe Newell, from Valve, does not entirely agree with this percentage.

\” Nintendo inquirer\” will provide further updates when more information is available.


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