Cuphead Creepy Trailer For A Ps4 Launch.

Cuphead is a run and gun video game developed by a Canada based game developer StudioMDHR in 2017. The game is very much inspired by a rubber hose animation i.e. characters without limbs and wrists, as this animation was standardized in the U.S. back in the 1930s.

2 players can play the game. one takes control of Cuphead and the other one takes his brother Mugman and they fight with different enemies and pass through various levels in order to defeat their main enemy, the evil king dice. The game was praised by the critics and various gamers for its style and difficulty level. it received a ten on ten ratings on steam and has sold over six million copies. An animated series has also been launched on Netflix which is based on this game.


The plot of the game follows two brothers cuphead and Mugman who goes on to a casino where they lost to the devil and asks for mercy to not to take their souls. so devil asks them to bring souls of others who he has contracted with . after they bring all the required contracts, king dice blocks their and both brothers have to defeat the king to reach the devil. in the end, if the players choose to not to give the devil the contracts, they both fight against him and at last defeats him.

The game received many positive reviews and was praised for its difficulty levels by the critics. The game was placed in the fifth position for best games in 2017, while game radar placed it in ninth place in the list of 25 best game of 2017.lets see what response it gets through release in ps4

Cuphead release date on Ps4.

Cuphead was first released for windows and Xbox in 2017 and was later launched for macOS and Linux. Now the Cuphead is all set to get an increase in its sales, as the co. is going to release it on the sony\’s best gaming Console PS4. The game has already been released on ps4 on 28 July 2020. But the main point that caught the eyes of the public, is the trailer of this game.

Studio MDHR released the trailer of the game with a creepy and kind of fun to watch stop- motion trailer where we can see cuphead and the evil king dice together.

Cuphead was already known for its old fashioned style and graphics and to maintain the legacy studio MDHR worked with a Toronto based studio stop- motion department to come out with this creepy and kind of funny trailer of the Cuphead. MDHR said that the characters in-game are inspired by a whole new style of animation which was taken from the 1933 short The Peanut Vendor. Studio MDHR also added that they want to maintain the legacy of the animation in that era. I\’d say that the animation of the peanut vendor is far more unsettling than the recent cuphead trailer. you should have a look at both of them. Both of them are available on youtube.


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