“StarCraft II game turns 10 this year, and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating with an anniversary with upcoming new updates for the game”

Wow! It’s been almost a decade now that StarCraft II is out and famous amongst fans. For those who are in love with it and for those who are about to know about it for the very first time, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a sci-fi real-time strategy video game and is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. 

The game was released worldwide on 27th July especially for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game is divided into 3 installments: The base game AKA Wings of Liberty, an expansion pack, the heart of the Swarm, and the Standalone expansion pack named Legacy of the void. 

Furthermore, the trade of 3 million copies of StarCraft 11, 1st-month release created a huge hype in the market worldwide. 

Here are the 3 species of the game: The Terrans (humans), the Zerg (a super-species of assimilated life forms), and The Protos (a technologically advanced species with vast Psionic powers). 

Wings of Liberty mainly focuses on Terrans which the other 2 on remaining species. It is a real-time game and it has 29 playable campaign missions.


Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the game has begun with the introduction of new campaign achievements for every mission in StarCraft II’s base game by Blizzard Entertainment 

Also, the amazing part is the expansion has enabled players to customers their campaigns which indeed brings more interest among players.

The Blizzard Entertainment belief for the popularity of the game is undeniable wherein it has been accepted that continuous increase in fan following of Starcraft11 is the one main reason for the success of various campaigns in the game.

All these things have been done because after the game was released it was criticized due to its constraint inability to switch between multiplayer region. 

Another interesting update is that now there is going to be a user-friendly interface of StarCraft with the introduction of many new elements from Warcraft III’s game editor because of Blizzard Entertainment.

The company has even introduced an entire blog regarding details of everything new for the games map editor which even highlights the transition lobby that has designed to move between two maps in multiplayer. 

The real fact is that the amendments are being introduced as an anniversary gift. Amazing, isn’t it!.

Technically Blizzard has released many of the changes with update 4.13’s public testing round just happened last Tuesday. In the anniversary update how many features they have introduced is not clear yet but they were able to reduce a long time complaint by introducing transitions. 

They will release the news soon regarding other new features. Till then stay updated with us and stay safe. will see you soon with another groundbreaking news like this shortly.


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