PS4 Dual Shock Problem! How To Fix It?

If you have ever noticed that while you are playing a title, your character while looking or pointing, moves inadvertently, and without you not moving any joystick, it is likely that your DualShock 4 has movement drift or drift.

This is a fairly common problem in the vast majority of controls. Before replacing it with another, you may want to know that you can repair it yourself. For this, you will only need a few tools and a couple of spare parts.

Normally, the drift problem of a joystick originates because that same analog stick is damaged or dirty inside. Therefore, in order to solve it, it will be necessary to \”bare\” our DualShock 4 and leave it in smaller clothes.

First of all, the first thing is to check that it is indeed a problem related to the joysticks and not a connectivity error. To do this, access the PS4 menu, \”Settings\”, then go to \”Devices\” and then \”Bluetooth\”. Select the DS4 remote and click on the \”Forget device\” option. Now turn off the console, connect the controller, and check if the error persists. Then we continue to repair it.

For this, we will need a small Phillips screwdriver and another flat. They must be of a small-caliber since they will serve to unscrew the screws located behind the remote. Once we have removed them you must make a little force to divide both parts of the DualShock. If you have never done it, don\’t worry, at first it costs a little, but with skill and care it comes out without problems.


Once opened you must disconnect a small switch that connects both parts. You will recognize it right away, as it is blue with a white ribbon. Now is the time to disconnect the battery from the remote itself. Gently hold the controller and remove the connector.

Once this step is completed, it is time to remove a small plastic plate that separates the battery from what matters to us. The next thing is to unscrew the green plate that contains the joysticks. When you have successfully turned the board carefully and make the Joysticks face you.

The next thing we have to do is remove the plastic analog joysticks. Pulling a little will come out without much trouble. What you will see below is what you should repair. The small device will be made up of a kind of stick that is what transmits the movement of the joystick to the sensor. On the sides, you will see two small blued grooves that contain the two sensors. You must open these slots with great care. Use the flat screwdriver to do some prying.

When you have removed the sensors, examine them, and check if they have dust or dirt and the same with the small covers that you have opened. You can do this process with cotton buds.

Try replacing the old sensors and reassembling the controller. In case it is not this, you will have to replace the sensors. These can be bought in different stores and are not excessively high. For example, on Amazon, you can find the entire kit or at XQ Gaming they only sell the part.

When replacing them, be sure to do it in the same position they were in and when you close the opening you will hear a \”click\” that will confirm if you have done it right. And now, we rewind and do the reverse process to what we have done to disassemble the remote.

The DualShock 4 drift problem should have been fixed.

\” Nintendo inquirer\” will provide further updates when more information is available.


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