250+ Roman names & Suggestion

The famous saying goes as, “All roads lead to Rome.”  In the case of names, we see no exceptions. From the ancient days, Romans have been legends in all categories.  Roman civilization was one of the primitive ones to show the world the path of enlightenment.

The people of Rome lead a very ornate life. Luxury was synonymous to Romans.  Wide number of servants and slaves surrounded them to serve them at the fall of a word. The Romans, rather the affluent Romans enjoyed their life, while the poor lead quite a miserable life.

Whatever the social structure may be, the Romans used to cherish their traditions and culture.

Ancient Roman Names

From 8th century BC to 5th century AD the Roman civilization was on its full bloom. Some cultures are still retained as in those days, though most of it has been altered in course of the modern flow. Architecture has changed, alike the government rules and law, art, literature, warfare and language.

Modern-day Rome has deviated quite a lot from the early days in regards to names.

In the ancient day’s men had three names – a praenomen (given name), Roman (clan name), cognomen (family name). While the women folks were named their father’s Roman (clan name), though, in the feminine form, They had their father’s or husband’s name in the cognomen, again in the feminine form.

Let’s cite some names for your reference:

AntoniaCamillaVedia BelisariaServius
AquiliaCatoRusonia VerinaAppius
AugustaClaudiaVolumnia AmandaGallus
AureliaClemensiaNipia ProcyonQuintis
CaesarCorneliusBetiliena ClaraOctavianus
DecimaFlorentinaSuedia ViatorCaius
DulciaHoratiaSalvia EgnatiaPlacus
FabiaJuliusNigilia CaracturaFlavius
FelixPriscillaTrebellia MinicianaFaustus
FlaviaOctaviaVolumnia CiceroVibius
250+ Roman names & Suggestion

Antonia is a name which can be used for both male and female.It reflects the pioneer spirit of Willa Cather’s classic novel My Antonia.

Caesar, is the greatest of all Roman names. It meant the long-haired, but eventually it became the name of all the powerful rulers who dominated the land.

Roman female names

In ancient Rome women literally had no voice. It was a predominantly male society. Men of Rome had the power to kill his wife or daughter or whosoever questioned his authority.  Women were deprived of education and a higher position in the social structure.

ANGELINACALLIGENIABlossia MartialVibia Corva
ALTHEACARDEATreblana BassaDillia Italica
ALEXANDRIACASSANDRANigidia TrogaAtronia Faustiniana
ANTONIETTADEMETRIABarria GratianGabinia Calda
BENEDICTADULCEATurullia GalvisiaViridia Virginia
ELECTRALAVINAMenenia CornixSextilia Musica
IOLALIVIANAPlacidia QuatruaPescennia Gratta
ISABELAMARIANAIcilia HerculiaClovia Pulla
JOSEPHINAPATRICIAVolcatia AssaniaCilnia Tarsicia
JULIARINAAvita NarsesAccoleia Thurina
250+ Roman names & Suggestion

But things changed after Livia, the wife of Emperor Augustus started influencing the governance and the politics of the land.  Slowly and eventually in the modern-day regime, women enjoy equal status to that of men. Also Read: 150+Mexican Surnames and last names

Roman girl names

Hypatia is the name of the most well-educated women in Rome. She used to teach at Alexandria University. Women started enjoying freedom after they were allowed the window of education. Today’s world is a different one.

A list of common and somewhat modern names for girls follows.

250+ Roman names & Suggestion

Roman Male names

As said earlier Roman males had their say in the ancient world. Their names also had the influence of their clans and their family.

250+ Roman names & Suggestion
  • ABRAHAMUS means the father of a multitude
  • BENEDICTUS means the blessed.
  • CIMON possibly means sleepy.
  • EDUARDUS stands for guardian of prosperity.
  • HERODOTUS is a name for “hero-given”

Roman name for boys

Alike Roman adult males, Roman boys do enjoy a special status in name-giving.

These are examples of quiet modern outfits.  Not so ancient. People or parents of modern-day can give them a thought. Some meanings are also provided for better understanding.

AdrianCodrutWheat RomanRomanops
AelliusConstantinRomanzoidWorld Roman
AureliuCustanzuLand BoysFarm Roman
BarbroDominicBoysvioHorticulture Name
CarinuEnniaunGrowth ForRadiant Name
FebianMarikCattle ForNamedo
FlorusPetranBright RomanSource For
HaliusRemusRomanbesAcradge Boys
JulianSaccusNameellaNatural Boys
MichaelTõnisPlanted NameRegion Name
250+ Roman names & Suggestion
  • Adrian stands for water or sea.
  • Barbro means overseas
  • Julian is youthful
  • It’s to be seen how well you connect to the relations given in names.

Common Roman names

For ages, the following Roman names have been taking in in almost all the households. These common names are in the purview of almost all the parents. Though modern parents are thinking beyond the ancient pattern of giving names, their viewpoints have changed. 

LuciusTitusFresh RomanRomanoont
GaiusAulusLush NamesForest Common
MarcusGnaeusFreight NamesSelect Names
PubliusSpuriusRomanioRanch Common
ServiusDecimusFields NamesResource Common
ManiusAncusBask NamesOrder Common
TiberiusFaustusExchange NamesGrounded Roman
CaesoMamercusDrench CommonLand Roman
NumeriusPaullusCommonzenRegency Roman

Roman surnames

Interesting surnames are provided to the modern people following the patronymic style.

AcidinusBalbusDug RomanOpen Surnames
AcisculusBarbulaFeed RomanGrounded Surnames
AhalaBuccoStock RomanRomanlux
AlbusBursioPick RomanOrg Surnames
AsellioButeoFarmers SurnamesWild Surnames
CaesarDemetriasRadiant SurnamesOrder Roman
CalussaDorsuoForest RomanDeep Surnames
CapitolinusEsquilinusCorral SurnamesRanch Surnames
CatullusEburnusCultured RomanWind Surnames

Roman last names provided with a range of possibilities.

250+ Roman names & Suggestion

Read more: https://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Roman#ixzz6T9FU8qi3     

FalcoGlobulusBreed RomanResource Roman
FidenasGurgesRise LastAgro Names
FlamenHelenusRomanadriPlots Last
GallusIsauricusSunshine LastNamvio
GeminusJullusRomansioDigging Last
LicinianusNeroRomanadilLakes Last
MamercusRufinusTractor RomanClement Roman
MentoSophusFeed NamesGrounded Last

Roman name generator

Cultivate GeneratorMeadow NameNamearoGeneratorsy
Buck GeneratorRancher RomanNameiumReign Generator
GeneratorbiaHomestead GeneratorGeneratorvioRise Generator
Rooster GeneratorReturn NameCultivate NameSprinkle Generator
NamegenixRoot RomanGrain GeneratorGeneratorya
Glow NameRomannAcres GeneratorGeneratorex
Grazing NameEssence NameDeep GeneratorDrench Roman
Shine RomanHerbage RomanWind NameValue Name
RomanopsDeep NameShepherd RomanSmart Roman
Choice RomanGeneratorhutGrowth RomanRomanio

Here we are providing some name generator websites. You can easily choose for our forthcoming generation name.


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