Best Selling Exclusive PS4 Games In The US

This is the list of the best-selling exclusive PS4 games in the United States (before the release of Ghost of Tsushima). The most striking thing is that among the \”best seller\” there are two games that have been released throughout 2020.

The NPD Group has released the list of the best-selling PS4 exclusive games in the United States (updated to July 2020). Prior to the release of Ghost of Tsushima (and the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC as well), these have been the most successful \”first party\” games on the Sony console.

Currently, PS4 has sold more than 112 million units worldwide, and it is the fourth best-selling console of all time, behind only Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2.

The list of best-selling exclusive games PS4 in the United States includes both the figures of games in physical format and digital download. However, units that have been sold as part of a pack, along with the console, are not counted.


Here are the exclusive Sony best sellers in the North American country:

  1. Marvel\’s Spider-Man
  2. God of war
  3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  4. The Last of Us: Part II
  5. Final Fantasy VII: Remake

The most striking thing about this list is that two of the titles have been released throughout this year, in the case of The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake (the units of Ghost of Tsushima have not yet been computed).

Two of the games on the list already have new installments announced for PS5: Spider-Man Miles Morales, developed by Insomniac, and which will be a launch game and Horizon II Forbidden West, scheduled for release in 2021.

Until 2020 the games that occupied the last two positions were Uncharted 4 The Thief\’s End (also from Naughty Dog Studios) and Bloodborne (a collaboration of FromSoftware and Sony Japan Studios).

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