Ghost Of Tsushima User Notes Available On Metacritic

Last Friday the 17th Ghost of Tsushima, an open-world game set in the age of samurai and developed by Sucker Punk, was released worldwideGhost of Tsushima is also the last exclusive game developed by Sony\’s \”first party\” studios for PS4 and was, therefore \”threatened\” with review bombing on Metacritic.

What does this sabotage consist of? Well, in that users from an opposing society are dedicated to rating the game with \”0\” to get their average grade down.

To avoid this, the Metacritic aggregator has decided to disable user reviews until the game has been on the market for a few hours. And the result of the Ghost of Tsushima notes is amazing.

Three days after launch, and with more than 5000 user reviews, the average rating given by the players is 9.2. That makes it the ninth-best game of all time by players.

Ghost Of Tsushima User Notes Available On Metacritic

In fact, the rating given by Metacritic users is above the critics note. Nate Fox, the director of the game, has already left us some of the keys that have led this great reception. 

When we ask him what has been the most difficult in this development, he is very clear \”we understood that we could not be culturally prepared to provide an authentic feeling of Japan within the game.

That is why from the beginning we have experts in religion, in history, in geography, which helped us build the world the right way. And so throughout the process, we have relied on these advisers repeatedly to make sure that what we were doing is right.

Without all of your help, and without the help from Sony Japan Studios, who helped us with the research and even recorded the sound of the fields, we would not have achieved the authenticity we were after. \”

If you want to know more about the latest PS4 exclusive, here is our review of Ghost of Tsushima. There is no other game that reflects the life of the Japanese warrior like the work of Sucker Punch. Nothing is left to chance in this magnificent orchestra of exploration, combat, character evolution and discovery.

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