This Simple GTA Online hack Will Save You A Lot Of Walking To Get Back To The Nearest Road

GTA Online already has a New and Unique Trick that will help you greatly to reduce the times between reappearing and hitting a road again. If you are tired of long walks, don\’t miss a thing.

This simple GTA Online hack will save you a lot of walking to get back to the nearest road.

GTA Online has a difficult problem to solve and this is the gigantic size of its map. This causes certain inconveniences when moving. If for some reason you have the unfortunate or bad luck of moral in a territory without roads or paths, you will have to walk a long distance to return to the \”civilization\”.


However, there is a newly discovered trick that allows you to skip the tedious path back to a highway. It is not known if this will be withdrawn at any point, but it is certainly one of the most practical solutions to this problem that has plagued players for a long time.

All you need is a Bandito radio-controlled car. Once you die and find yourself in a bad place, go to Inventory and look for the option to pilot the RC Bandito. Drive with him to the nearest road and once there detonate the car.

This will teleport you to the same position the car was detonated in, thus avoiding wasting valuable time descending a mountain or traversing a desert plain. The trick also works with the drone, but it is recommended to use the RC Bandito.

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