15 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

A mouse is an excellent tool to use but it presents a variety of problems. Its continued use could cause shoulder and neck aches. It also causes distractions while working, slowing your productivity. When using a mouse on a MacBook, you have to keep shifting your focus away from the screen. The solution to the many mouse-use problems is to use keyboard shortcuts. They allow you to work fast and with enhanced efficiency. With MacBook shortcut keys, you record higher productivity. Mac offers you many keyboard shortcut options for use. Here are 15 shortcuts that are important to know.

  • 1.    Copying and pasting text

Copying and pasting text is common to MacBook users. To use the shortcuts effectively, you need to know where the command button on the keyboard is located. It is indicated as Cmd on your Mac. Here are the copy-pasting options you have.

●      Copy. Use Command + C

●      Paste. Use Command + V

●      Cut. Use command +

●      Highlight. Use Command + A

  • 2.    Saving your work

Using your mouse to save your work is a lengthy process. The easiest way to save your documents is to use the Command key + S.

When working on your MacBook, you might want to zoom your screen in or out. There are different ways to perform zoom for Mac. For instance, you can use your Mac’s keyboard zoom shortcuts. You may also zoom out with magic mouse or use a zoom app for Mac. How to zoom out on Mac depends on what you want to zoom out. In some instances, you can use a zoom slider to increase the size of a file. If you want to view an image within the page, you might need a different tactic about how to zoomit. You may choose to use an app that both zooms it out and makes it look clear.

  • 3.    Force quit Mac

If your mouse hangs and you need a quick solution, you can force quit with ease. Just press the Alt + Command + Esc keys. The alt on Mac does not work by itself. It requires it to be combined with other keys to complete a command.

  • 4.    Lock your screen

You can quickly lock your Mac using the Mac lock screen shortcut. Press Control + Command + Q.

  • 5.    Quickly restart computer

If you want to know how to restart Mac with keyboard , it is easy to do it. Press the Control – Command – Power keys at the same time.

  • 6.     Switch between open desktop windows

To bring an open window to the front one at a time, keep pressing the Command + Tab keys.

  • 7.    Find items in documents

You might want to quickly find items saved in a document. To open the find window, simply press Command + F.

  • 8.    Print a document fast

If you want to print a document on a Mac, it is easy to do it. Use the Cmd key + the P key.

  • 9.    Force an application to close

Some apps may fail to work and you desire to close them. If they prove hard to close, just press the Cmd + Option + Esc buttons.

  • 10.         Record a screen or take a screenshot

The Shift +Command + 5 keys allow you to screen, record or shoot. Screenshots and records can help you explain things to someone. They may work as evidence for certain attachments.

  • 11.          Close the current open window

Use the Cmd + W to close the current window.

  • 12.          Minimize a window or windows

If you have several open windows, you might want to minimize some or all of them. If you want to minimize windows fast, the Cmd + M keys will help you achieve that.

  • 13.         Open the Spotlight

To open Spotlight or to hide it, press the Cmd + Space bar. Spotlight helps you find applications or files quickly. You can also use it together with Siri support.

  • 14.         Quickly access the address bar on Safari

When you are using Safari and want to access an address bar fast, use the Command + L keys.

  • 15.         Find wrongly spelled words to make corrections

Correct spelling is important when writing Word documents, emails, or social media texts. The easiest way to know if you have spelled words the right way is to use a keyboard shortcut. Use the Cmd + semicolon to find words with wrong spelling.


Using a mouse on your MacBook can be good. However, it can potentially affect your efficiency. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to use Mac commands for quick access to screens and documents. They save you from much strain which can cause stress while working. There are many Mac shortcuts that you can learn and use. You need to practice how to combine the commands to achieve the expected outcomes fast.


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