10 Action-Packed Anime Series To Keep You Busy In 2021

If you’re a fan of Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King, you are probably excited for the month of April. The anime series is getting a reboot and will see a “proper ending” to the series. But with three months to go before the airing, it’s hard to scratch that Shaman King itch. Instead, why not watch more anime while waiting? There are several titles in different genres that you can check out. Here are ten anime series you can stream right now to fill the void.

  1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has all the marks of an action-packed anime: A hero, a mission, crazy plot twists, and a large amount of blood. After it premiered in 2013, Attack on Titan rose to be one of the most popular action anime series to date. It’s so popular that you can find a scale model of a titan in Universal Studios Japan.

Since it aired, the series has grown a large worldwide fanbase. It even spawned multiple video games and both animated and live-action movies. It’s an anime you shouldn’t miss. If you want to watch some episodes, you can click this link for the best anime sites

  1. My Hero Academia

Another action anime worth watching that is similar to Shaman King is My hero Academia. The anime follows the story of Izuku Midoriya as he enters the famous school for heroes despite not having superpowers.

Since it aired in 2016, My hero Academia has over 80 episodes and at least three video games. The manga version of the series also won the Harvey Awards for best manga in 2019.

  1. Black Clover

When Black Clover aired in 2017, several anime fans commented on how it was a copycat anime of the hit anime series Naruto which recently ended and has grown a worldwide following across generations. Despite the initial negative reception, the series gained its fanbase and continues to grow strong with three seasons.

  1. Boruto

The successor to the worldwide hit anime series Naruto, Boruto was well-received by die-hard followers of the franchise. The series picks up a few years from where the original series ended and follows the story of Boruto and his friends, who are the children of the original characters in the franchise.

  1. Fairy tail

Though not as popular as the Naruto or Shaman King franchises, Fairy Tail has many unique quirks that gained it a decent worldwide fanbase. The series was nearly overshadowed by the Naruto franchise during its lifespan, but it was able to gain traction and ended up as one of the popular series of the genre.

  1. Bleach

When the manga Bleach was adapted into an anime in 2004, it easily rose to be a challenger of the Naruto franchise for the top spot of the action anime genre. Following the adventures of orange-haired teen Ichigo Kurosaki, many fans fell in love with the characters of the series.

The series aired over 300 episodes, had multiple video games, and even a live-action movie produced by Warner Bros. But despite its strong initial release, the franchise was canceled in 2012 before it was given a proper conclusion.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul

If you’re into blood and gore, Tokyo Ghoul would be your cup of coffee. The series follows the story of Kaneki Ken, an ordinary human boy that gets turned into a half-ghoul during an unauthorized transplant. Because of its unique story and characters, the franchise quickly grew a cult following. The franchise has 48 anime episodes, one live-action film, and numerous video games.

  1. One-punch Man

When it comes to listing overpowered heroes in anime, almost any anime fan will have Saitama from One-Punch Man as their number one pick. The anime series aired in 2015 and was an overnight success, garnering a large fanbase after a few weeks on air. The story follows Saitama, an ordinary-looking superhero who can end his opponents with a single punch. Though the story is simple, its appeal to anime fans was surprising.

  1. Soul Eater

While there are a lot of action-packed anime series out there, only a few are capable of mixing in comedy as Soul Eater can. The anime follows a group of students from Death Weapon Meister Academy and their daily lives. The anime aired in 2008 and only has 51 episodes, but its popularity stood the test of time and remains a popular franchise in the genre.

  1. Dragon Ball 

Whether you are new to watching anime or a long-time fan, you would probably be familiar with the Dragon Ball franchise. The franchise spawned numerous characters that have become household names like Goku and Vegeta.

The first Dragon Ball episode in the franchise aired in 1986. Since then, the franchise has grown into a powerhouse franchise that has hundreds of episodes, spinoffs, movies, and video games. While the original series aired decades ago, it remains a classic and loved by millions of fans.